Painted Fig, Boxed Meals, provide a culinary escape to a hectic day, and a delicious highlight to a relaxed one. Each box you open tells a story, whether it's brunch with friends on the California coast, or grabbing kababs from the market stall in Istanbul.

Why would a catering company want to make boxed meals?

Because our clients are busy, they're trying to eat healthy, and they love good food.

We know what that's like, and we think we can help.

 Each meal is expertly designed with unique and exciting flavor combinations. They arrive ready to eat, and require no prep work. Despite these features, every meal is built with a Caloric total and protein content to help achieve or maintain a lean body weight. Substitute one of these meals for your breakfast on the go, your lunch at work, or dinner when you don’t feel like cooking, and say good bye to the hassle and boredom of trying to eat healthy!



What makes OUR meals so special?

1. High Protein. Each meal comes with at least 40 grams of protein.

2. Vegetables. We love them. Each meal has a serving of vegetables, usually 2.

3. Seasonal. Our menus change with the seasons so that we can use fresh, locally grown produce in your boxed meals. 

4. Adventure. It's a little corny, but we think that discovering new flavors and preparations can be a fun adventure, but you don't have to take our word for it :) 


how can i try the food?

1. Pick up a to-go box from Activate Body in Clipper Mill.

2. Let us pack your lunch next week! We offer New Client Packages of 5 meals for $39.

Send us a message or email us for a copy of our menu: